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Advanced Primary Care Powered By Functional Medicine

Everything you need. To restore and optimize your health. At the root cause.

We’re restoring primary care’s vital role in empowering health and economic revival of families, employers and communities. Built on a powerful functional medicine foundation.

We drive down healthcare costs 10-15% and 20-30% partnered with an innovative health plan.

Primary Care. As It Should Be.

You’ve experienced the frustrations with traditional primary care.

  • Rushed appointments only allowing time to address symptoms.
  • Leaving with a prescription and likely a specialist referral.
  • Encouragement that a costly intervention is the best treatment.
  • No help to guide your care and do what’s best for your health.
  • No focus on prevention and a roadmap to optimal health.

That’s traditional healthcare. Costly, invasive interventions are prioritized over economical, less invasive care. Often with poor outcomes. Wanting to feel better but with no roadmap to get there.

There’s a better way. Advanced Primary Care powered by Functional Medicine.


We don’t simply treat symptoms. We develop a functional health plan for you formulated from a precision diagnostics. We work with you on root cause resolution and health optimization.


You’ll have a dedicated provider-health coach team. We work with you to restore and optimize whole body health. We reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals. In-person, virtual and text/email access tailored to you.


Direct payment for extended access to your provider on your schedule to address your needs. No administrative hassles with insurance, co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.


Concierge level advanced primary care powered by functional medicine. All for less than the cost of a monthly cell phone charge. Labs, medications and supplements at wholesale prices.


We coordinate your total care. We reduce costly and unnecessary specialist referrals. When specialists are needed, we guide you to the highest quality/value specialists.

What Makes Verve Different?

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Advanced Primary Care powered by Functional Medicine

Proactive, preemptive healthcare. Root cause resolution of declining health and disease.

Functional health plan to optimize health and reverse chronic disease. Reduces reliance on medications.

Extended visits to understand your whole person health. Reduces unnecessary and costly specialist referrals.

In-person, virtual, phone and text anytime.

High touch care coordination. Referrals to high quality/value specialists.

Economical monthly membership for all visits and care. Medications and labs at wholesale prices.

Traditional Insurance Based Primary Care

Reactive with focus on acute diseases. Limited to symptom management.

Corporate bureaucracy/insurance guidelines dictate care. Increases reliance on medications.

Rushed, short appointments. Increases unnecessary and costly specialist referrals.

Long waits to see your provider. Limited to 8-5.

Poor care coordination. Referrals channeled to high cost specialists of unknown quality.

Per visit fees, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance. Medications and labs at 2-10x mark-up.

Why People Love Us

Angela Hargrove
Angela Hargrove
LOVE VERVE HEALTH DPC and My Provider!!! Debi Fehrman is Amazing! I could not ask for a better Functional Medicine Provider. Debi goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She works incredibly hard at finding answers to your health issues. She doesn't just throw a band aid on the problem. She has a lovely personality and is very thoughtful. She corrected my iron deficiency and reset my thyroid. I am thrilled that I no longer have to take medications for either of these conditions. Now I know that this may not be true for everyone regarding thyroid medications but for some it does work. But she went the extra mile to reduce my medications, because I don't like to take medications(who does) and she likes to try and limit the medications a patient takes if possible. Using the Verve Health DPC program I have access to Debi 24/7, 365 days for the year for a very minimial fee. It is so worth every penny and gives me peace of mind to know that I always have medical coverage day or night. I highly reccommend the Verve Health DPC and Debi Fehrman.
Hannah Soto
Hannah Soto
Debi has been such a wonderful practitioner. She is an amazing listener who always makes me feel like she has time for me, unlike most doctors who seem to have a 15-minute window for any patient. And most importantly she doesn’t just slap on a diagnosis to check the box; she diligently looks for the cause and treats that.
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