Direct Primary Care for Individuals and Families

Empowering health and economic revival for families and communities. 

healthcare that empowers health revival through provider access, precision diagnostics, and personalized wellness

Most people, just like you, are struggling to afford rising insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Find a provider who truly understands their health issues. The patient’s needs come second to big hospitals and insurance companies with traditional primary care.

That’s not how healthcare should work.

We’re out to accomplish two things through direct primary care:

Provide Healthcare that Works

Provide healthcare that works

We use precision diagnostics and the latest-science based care to improve health and reverse disease. Plus, our smaller panel sizes mean you’ll get quality time with your provider.

Offer Healthcare You Can Afford

Offer healthcare you can afford

Direct primary care avoids complex insurance processes and high deductibles and co-pays. We offer quality care at an affordable, monthly price.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is transforming today’s healthcare system and bringing economic revival to communities. At its heart, direct primary care is about the practitioner-patient relationship. You deserve to work with a medical provider who understands your struggles, develops a personalized care plan that works for you and spends quality time with you.

This process begins with precision diagnostics including a 125-question health risk assessment, 55+ unique biomarkers, and analytics. By pinpointing where you are on the health-disease continuum, we can help you make noticeable progress in your health revival and disease reversal.

Pair convenient provider access with predictable monthly health costs, and you have the basics of direct primary care. At a Verve Health clinic, you can receive more of your care while reducing costly urgent care/ER, specialist, and hospital utilization. What a relief!
At the end of the day, direct primary care is about:
– Provider access
– Precision diagnostics
– Personalized wellness

Why Individuals and Families Are Switching to Direct Primary Care Memberships

Affordable memberships for every need and situation

Concierge service with unlimited access, and same/next day appointments

Clinic, virtual, and "clinic-from-home" convenience

Precision diagnostics to quantify health risks and disease progression

A functional approach to address root causes, not just symptoms

Chronic disease prevention and reversal

Referrals to high-quality/value specialists

Access to low-cost medications

Get Introduced to Our Membership Model

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You might not be used to accessing healthcare through a membership model. But it makes a lot of sense for your budget and your schedule. 

Think of a direct primary care membership as an insurance premium with even more benefits. An insurance premium is a “minimum” monthly payment. On top of that, you still have deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. But with a direct primary care membership, you’re getting your primary, immediate and even some traditional specialist care addressed. When you need a specialist, we’ll refer you to the highest quality/value providers.

Here’s why a membership model is superior to traditional fee-for-service primary care: 


Memberships cover unlimited clinic and virtual visits, annual exams, discounted labs and medications, and more.


You can purchase a membership to have your entire family covered by Verve Health.


You can plan your annual healthcare budget with confidence. Few unexpected fees or charges.


Verve doesn’t have to hire staff to deal with insurance billing, which means we can pass savings on to you.

You Deserve to Feel Confident When You Go to Your Health Provider

Americans are anxious about the rising costs of healthcare. Nearly 75% of all respondents were worried about rising healthcare costs. 100 million Americans have medical debt and medical bills are the second leading cause of bankruptcy.

That’s why Verve Health is more than just another healthcare option. We build up communities. We bring economic hope and revival to families and businesses. 

When people aren’t worried about healthcare costs, they can invest in better things. They can save for educational programs, vacations or retirement. Instead of stressing over medical bills, families can spend time doing things they love. And your employer can provide more pay and growth opportunities from their medical cost savings. We want to see individuals, families, and communities thrive.

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