Primary Care. As It Should Be.

In traditional primary care, providers are limited in their time to see you as appointments are booked every 15 minutes. There’s little time to do any thorough assessment as providers are too busy staring at the computer. Typically, it results in a prescription to address one or more symptoms. No time to address underlying causes of poor health or chronic disease. They are financially incentivized to keep you sick and have you physically in their office as much as possible. It’s hard to believe but that’s the only way traditional providers are paid. Would you call this quality care? In all fairness to providers, they don’t like it either and many are burned out and want to leave traditional medicine.

Advanced primary care is the answer. A monthly membership fee covers all primary care services such as preventative care, acute and chronic issues, minor procedures, health coaching and more. Bloodwork and medications at wholesale prices. Longer appointment times allow providers to do more and reduce costly specialist referrals. Membership cost is literally a cell phone charge and a fraction of the savings for a family or business.

We power primary care with a functional medicine foundation. We incorporate a science-based functional risk assessment and precision biomarker analytics. Results guide a functional health plan that identifies root causes of a “smoldering fire” as well as the “raging fire” of multiple diseases. Our provider-health coach team works with you to address lifestyle behaviors and other interventions to restore and optimize health, reverse disease and reduce reliance on medications.

Many feel that traditional medicine has failed them. Some seek functional medicine. But it’s cost prohibitive for most. We’ve powered primary care with a functional medicine framework. And it’s affordable. We’re restoring the vital role of primary care in empowering health and economic revival of families, communities and employers. 

Founder’s Journey

I experienced firsthand the power of our body’s natural healing. And the fundamental problem with our healthcare system. I experienced back pain several years ago which exacerbated to the point that it was too painful to walk. Most likely a culmination of an active lifestyle. A prominent orthopedic surgeon identified a shift in my L4 and L5 as the culprit. Surgery was prescribed as the obvious solution. 

I was hesitant being aware of poor outcomes with back surgeries. I elected an injection to buy time and engaged a chiropractor. After several months, I transitioned to a yoga studio. Steady improvement ensued. By the 2-year mark my back pain was totally gone!

My experience only reinforced our mission to educate and heal others. There is a better way! Starting with a holistic approach with least invasive interventions first. Traditional healthcare steers you to the most costly, invasive interventions first. And often poor outcomes.

Gerry Erb, CEO and Founder





Why People Love Us

Angela Hargrove
Angela Hargrove
LOVE VERVE HEALTH DPC and My Provider!!! Debi Fehrman is Amazing! I could not ask for a better Functional Medicine Provider. Debi goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She works incredibly hard at finding answers to your health issues. She doesn't just throw a band aid on the problem. She has a lovely personality and is very thoughtful. She corrected my iron deficiency and reset my thyroid. I am thrilled that I no longer have to take medications for either of these conditions. Now I know that this may not be true for everyone regarding thyroid medications but for some it does work. But she went the extra mile to reduce my medications, because I don't like to take medications(who does) and she likes to try and limit the medications a patient takes if possible. Using the Verve Health DPC program I have access to Debi 24/7, 365 days for the year for a very minimial fee. It is so worth every penny and gives me peace of mind to know that I always have medical coverage day or night. I highly reccommend the Verve Health DPC and Debi Fehrman.
Hannah Soto
Hannah Soto
Debi has been such a wonderful practitioner. She is an amazing listener who always makes me feel like she has time for me, unlike most doctors who seem to have a 15-minute window for any patient. And most importantly she doesn’t just slap on a diagnosis to check the box; she diligently looks for the cause and treats that.
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