Advanced Primary Care (APC)

  • Proactive, preemptive health and root cause resolution of symptoms and chronic disease.
  • Extended visits to understand your whole person health.
  • In-person, virtual, phone and text communications.
  • Reduction in unnecessary and costly referrals.
  • High touch care coordination and referrals to high-quality/value specialists.
  • Medications and labs at wholesale prices.

Adults (19 and up) $90/mo

Child (0-18 enrolling with parent) $45/mo

Family (maximum) $270/mo

  • $200 initial registration fee (waived if transitioning from FM program.

Functional Medicine (FM)

  • Root cause resolution of unexplained symptoms, chronic disease and barriers to reaching optimal health.
  • Functional Health Assessment and Precision Diagnostics guides a personalized Functional Health Plan.
  • Provider/health coach team works with you to address complex and challenging chronic conditions including autoimmune, digestive, metabolic, hormonal and mental health conditions. 
  • Comprehensive initial assessment, 6 provider visits and 8 health coach visits annually.
  • Discounts on supplements and labs.

Individuals $250/mo 

$400 initial registration fee (waived if transitioning from APC program)

Functional Health Plan

  • Personalized Functional Health Plan developed from Functional Health Assessment and Precision Diagnostics.
  • One health coach consultation.

$450 per individual

Functional Medicine CoPilot

  • Customized virtual program designed to augment your PCP relationship with functional health support. 
  • Personalized Functional Health Plan developed from Functional Health Assessment and Precision Diagnostics.
  • Virtual health coaching support.

Please contact for customized program. 

Why People Love Us

Angela Hargrove
Angela Hargrove
LOVE VERVE HEALTH DPC and My Provider!!! Debi Fehrman is Amazing! I could not ask for a better Functional Medicine Provider. Debi goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She works incredibly hard at finding answers to your health issues. She doesn't just throw a band aid on the problem. She has a lovely personality and is very thoughtful. She corrected my iron deficiency and reset my thyroid. I am thrilled that I no longer have to take medications for either of these conditions. Now I know that this may not be true for everyone regarding thyroid medications but for some it does work. But she went the extra mile to reduce my medications, because I don't like to take medications(who does) and she likes to try and limit the medications a patient takes if possible. Using the Verve Health DPC program I have access to Debi 24/7, 365 days for the year for a very minimial fee. It is so worth every penny and gives me peace of mind to know that I always have medical coverage day or night. I highly reccommend the Verve Health DPC and Debi Fehrman.
Hannah Soto
Hannah Soto
Debi has been such a wonderful practitioner. She is an amazing listener who always makes me feel like she has time for me, unlike most doctors who seem to have a 15-minute window for any patient. And most importantly she doesn’t just slap on a diagnosis to check the box; she diligently looks for the cause and treats that.
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