Health and Behavioral Coaching

We’re here to inspire health revival and truly transform your life.

health coaching is the foundation of a personalized wellness plan

We believe the practitioner-patient relationship is incredibly important. Every patient needs one-on-one communication with a trained professional, while every practitioner needs consistent patient buy-in.

In short, you will make the most progress when you and your practitioner are both fully invested in your health journey.

Health coaching sets the stage for that partnership. Providers who only prescribe prescription drugs fail to incorporate lifestyle changes into wellness plans. Providers who don’t have time to follow up with patients aren’t able to ensure that the wellness plan is being followed. We add a health coach to the team to help members cross the finish line.

How Can Health Coaching Help

Health coaching can be effective for a number of health conditions. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will discuss specific health goals. Verve Health members have seen noticeable progress in many areas. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

  • Weight and digestive issues
  • Chronic disease reversal
  • Age-related pains
  • Concentration at work
  • Mood, anxiety, and stress

What Makes Our Health Coaching So Effective?

Health coaching might sound like a good idea in theory, but it needs proper execution to be effective. At Verve Health, we design our program to make transformation possible.

  • Practitioner & Coach Team

    Our practitioner and health coach team collaborate closely from care plan development to coaching. Progress is shared and coaching is provided by both team members. Collaboration and communication between primary care providers and health coaches are essential for a lifestyle change.

  • Virtual Group Coaching

    Group coaching of individuals with similar health risks and disease conditions can be highly effective. Sharing amongst participants has proven to be informative, insightful, and supportive. Individual coaching is also available as appropriate.

  • Natural Approach

    We prioritize natural approaches to health revival. We believe the body is able to heal itself in many cases. The immune system is powerful, and if we remove blockages, stressors, and unhealthy habits, then it can do its job. Natural supplements are typically an integral part of the care plan, especially to address nutrient deficiencies and poor gut health. Prescription medications may be de-prescribed over time as the disease is reversed.

The Health and Behavioral Coaching Process

Health coaching through Verve Health involves a simple, structured process. The end goal of this process is to guide you through a personalized treatment plan. Yes, personalized. Our direct primary care approach puts you at the center. Your biology is unique, so one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t the solution.

Verve Health has partnered with researchers at top universities to develop a comprehensive diagnostic screening. We ask you in-depth questions about your health history while also relying on advanced testing. By the end, we’ll have data on over 55 biomarkers and 120 health baselines.

With Verve Health, you’ll be able to see how at-risk you are for chronic illness and what biomarkers are in the “warning” zone.

Patients achieve better outcomes when they understand their bodies and treatment plans. During your health coaching sessions, you’ll be able to ask your practitioner or coach questions. They will also explain basic concepts of health in easy-to-understand terms. Health shouldn’t be confusing. Rather, you should feel in control of your health, which starts with education.

The bread and butter of all health coaching plans are lifestyle and behavioral changes. Verve Health doesn’t follow the “magic pill” approach to medicine where individuals try to achieve lasting health with as little effort as possible. It simply doesn’t work. 

Instead, your health practitioner will recommend a personalized plan of exercise, diet, stress management, and sleep. Not only will these lifestyle changes rebalance your inner biology, but you’ll also start feeling great too.

Periodically, your Verve Health practitioner will want to check in to see how you’re making progress. During these calls, your practitioner might recommend additional lifestyle changes, answer any questions, and encourage you to keep going. Over time, you’ll develop a relationship with your practitioner and feel like someone truly has your back as you progress through your health journey.

Once you achieve your initial health goals, your practitioner will likely ask, “What’s next?” Treatment plans are never static because your body is never static. Perhaps you’ll do another diagnostic test to see where your biomarkers stand. Perhaps you’ll move from maintenance to optimization, working toward feeling your very best day in and day out.

Learn More About Our Entire Suite of Direct Primary Care Services

Health coaching is just one aspect of direct primary care. As a member, you’ll be able to visit us for acute infections, reverse chronic disease, and make use of our discounted prescriptions. 

You can get much of your health needs covered by a direct primary care membership? Verve Health is transforming the way we do healthcare. Verve Health is restoring hope to communities through convenient, affordable, and personalized primary care.

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