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Our program access, engagement, and data analytics are pivotal in health improvement and disease reversal.

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Primary care statistics in America are shocking. Nearly 30% of Americans don’t have a primary care provider. Those who do are often discouraged to see their provider due to high deductibles and co-pays. 

Overworked doctors make patients feel like a nuisance. Fee-for-service providers see 30-40 patients a day. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and difficult. Too many people aren’t receiving the primary care they need.

When the healthcare system feels broken, people can lose hope. That’s why Verve Health has worked hard to create a primary care membership that puts you in control of your health. Instead of focusing just on symptoms, and writing a prescription or referring you to a specialist to get to the next patient, we take all the time required to create a care plan just for you.  

Direct Primary Care Goes One Step Further

That’s why Verve Health is taking primary care a step further by embracing the direct primary care model.

Most traditional primary care providers are overworked and weighed down by limiting insurance policies and health system demands. This leaves little time for the patient, whose needs should be at the center.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a subscription-based model where patients pay a monthly fee directly to their primary care provider in exchange for comprehensive, personalized, and accessible medical care. This model offers a variety of services that go beyond the traditional fee-for-service model. As a Verve member, you’ll be able to access healthcare the way you want.

Our Primary Care Services

Comprehensive Primary Care

We aim to offer comprehensive primary care services that focus on the individual patient’s needs. Patients have access to a practitioner who is responsible for managing their overall health and wellness. This includes preventive care, chronic disease management, acute illness care, behavioral health, and more. When you come to Verve for primary care, you can expect longer appointment times, which allow for a more thorough evaluation of root causes.

Virtual and Clinic-from-Home

We offer traditional telehealth services for routine matters and for those who may have difficulty traveling to the clinic. Telehealth allows for real-time consultations through video or phone calls. In addition, Verve offers a Clinic-From-Home membership that allows comprehensive primary care engagement totally from home with an AI-enabled multi-functional device with an integrated camera, otoscope, and stethoscope. 

On-site Procedures

At our clinics, patients can receive limited procedures such as treatment for minor wounds, flu and colds, and sprains. This can be a convenient and time-saving option for patients who need minor procedures. In some cases, these procedures can be performed during the same visit, eliminating the need for a separate appointment or referral to a specialist. 

Wholesale Medications and Labs

Verve Health has discount arrangements with certain pharmacies including Fullscript for supplements.  We also offer wholesale prices for labs and other services at a significant discount to traditional pharmacy and lab prices.

Precision Health Services

Verve Health offers a range of precision diagnostic, lifestyle and behavioral health coaching, nutrition counseling, weight management, and chronic disease reversal programs. These programs engage members with the provider and coaching team to embrace their care plan. Members take control of their health by engaging in group coaching to improve health and reverse disease. 

Care Quality, Scope and Economics
Verve Advanced Primary Care
Traditional Primary Care
Patients per Provider
Office Visit
30 - 60 Minutes
<15 Minutes
In-person or Virtual Visits
Same/Next Day Appointments
Requires Booking in Advance
Chronic Disease Management
Disease Reversal by Addressing Root Causes
Symptom Management with Medication
Lifestyle and Behavioral Coaching
Group Coaching to Revive Health and Well-being
Not Included
Pricing/Copay per Visit
Monthly Membership Encourages Utilization/$0 Copay
Per Visit and Surprise Fees Discourage Utilization/$0 - $150 Copay
Labs and Medications
Highly Discounted
2 - 10 x Markup
Specialist, Imagining and Hospital Referrals
High Quality/Value Provider Partnerships
Referrals Often Channeled to High Cost Providers

It’s time that you felt in control of your health

It’s time you felt heard, noticed, and cared for.

You shouldn’t be nickeled and dimed for your primary care. If you need regular monthly visits with a health provider, then we know how copays can add up quickly. 

With a direct primary care membership with Verve Health, you get unlimited clinic and virtual visits, on-site procedures, wholesale medications and labs, as well as lifestyle coaching.

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