Precision Diagnostics

Empowering health revival through provider access, data analytics, and personalized wellness.

verve Health isn’t just a clinic for colds and headaches. We’re a data-driven practice that leverages world-class diagnostics to create a personalized wellness plan just for you

Chronic diseases drive 80% of medical costs, yet the standard of care is “disease management” or, more appropriately, symptom management. The chronically ill, high cost/rick individuals have nowhere to go except into the traditional regressive path.

Managing symptoms is like rolling a large rock up a hill. As soon as you leave your medications, your symptoms start rolling back down, so to speak. In addition, symptom management allows the disease to get worse over time. The dosage that used to give you relief no longer works, which leaves the burden that much heavier. 

Instead, we need to focus on the root cause of your poor health and chronic disease. The first step in that process is precision diagnostics.

Verve Health starts with data – health risks, biomarkers, claims history, and genetics. We apply a patented AI algorithm to identify the root causes of disease progression to develop a personal health plan. Health coaching engagement empowers individuals to make lifestyle changes. Costly prescription drugs are eliminated or reduced and replaced with supplement protocols.

Precision Diagnostics

We begin with precision diagnostics that identify key risks and root causes of poor health and chronic disease. Personalized care plans include health coaching, supplement protocols, and activities to promote adherence to the plan. Additional labs and testing may be required to further drill down to root causes.

Precision Diagnostics Drive Effective Direct Primary Care

You need a health provider that can make recommendations with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t leave your diagnoses up to a surface-level blood panel. Make sure your treatments are created with advanced data and analytics.

From annual wellness exams to chronic disease reversal, Verve Health can partner with you to cover your medical needs. Get access to your personal provider along with medical care that works.

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