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How Verve Offers Mobile Healthcare Benefits for Indiana Manufacturers

As an Indiana manufacturer, you face many challenges when it comes to creating a safe and healthy environment for your workers. One of the biggest challenges is finding affordable and accessible health benefits.

Owning a business is a constant tightrope between managing expenses and retaining great talent. To provide customers with the best service, you need to hire the best people. Health benefits often sit at the center of this conversation.

That’s why at Verve we believe in creating affordable, quality, and accessible healthcare for everyone. Are you an Indiana manufacturer needing better health benefits? We may be the solution you’re looking for!

Common Manufacturing Health Issues

Indiana manufacturers face many health issues, including the following:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tendonitis, and strains
  • Occupational noise-induced hearing loss
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin disorders
  • Mental health issues
  • Occupational injuries involving heavy machinery
  • Sleep disorders and fatigue

Managing healthy and safe conditions in the workplace can be a pressing responsibility for you as a manufacturer.

What if you didn’t have to worry about providing quality and accessible healthcare benefits for your employees anymore?

Verve Health: The Answer to Better Healthcare

We’re on a mission to make health benefits accessible in the Indiana manufacturing workplace through affordable and convenient access that meets your specific needs.

With Verve Health, you get the following:

  • Convenient, unlimited primary care access for employees and families
  • Personalized care with the annual exam, care plans, and health coaching
  • Precision diagnostics to quantify health risks and disease progress
  • A functional approach to identify root causes, not just symptoms
  • Same-day/next-day appointments with minimal wait time
  • Virtual and in-office provider access
  • Referrals to high-quality/value specialists, imaging, and therapy
  • Chronic disease prevention and reversal

These unique health benefits are why many Indiana manufacturers are adding direct primary care memberships to their health benefit packages.

Affordable Healthcare Benefits for Indiana Manufacturers

High healthcare costs shouldn’t keep your business from serving employees and customers.

We’re on a mission to help Indiana manufacturers lower health benefit costs by 10–15% and 20–30% when integrated with an innovative health plan. 

Employees want better healthcare and lower medical costs. They also want better pay and opportunities. You can provide both with Verve.

Indiana manufacturers face the challenge of providing health benefits that provide real value to their employees. You might offer a traditional health plan, but the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance mean employees would rather go without annual checkups and preventative care. 

In an ideal world, your employees use and appreciate their health benefits – and these health benefits don’t cause undue financial stress on the business.

That’s why Verve Health is transforming healthcare by offering direct primary care memberships to Indiana manufacturers who need health benefits. Memberships offer convenient, no-cost primary care access for employees and can compete with traditional plans with fewer benefits.

Quality Healthcare Benefits for Indiana Manufacturers

You’ve likely been to a traditional primary care provider in the past. Did you receive the attention you wanted during your appointment? Did your doctor look at all the data to create a treatment plan that actually worked? Or did you feel frustrated once the doctor made a referral that resulted in an outrageously expensive insurance bill?

Many employees avoid regular primary care visits because the system doesn’t work. Instead of prioritizing the patient, many providers are constrained by time and limitations placed on them, leading to low-quality care and high prices.

At Verve, we use a patient-centered approach that puts your employees at the center. Just a few of the high-quality health benefits for manufacturers in Indiana that we offer include unlimited visits, comprehensive preventative care, health coaching, affordable referrals, and a personalized approach to health care that takes your workers’ unique health needs into consideration.

Accessible Healthcare Benefits for Indiana Manufacturers

We offer mobile clinic access for your workers.

Depending on your location, your employees will have access to a community-centered clinic. They can schedule same-day/next-day appointments for primary and immediate care. 

Our trained staff can provide common treatments and procedures alongside health coaching. A limited formulary of common generic prescriptions can be picked up at the clinic at the same time.

Not only that, but Verve Health can offer convenient pop-up clinics at pre-arranged times at your manufacturing facility for specific needs. 

Employees can have blood drawn before a physical and perform other types of assessments without having to leave the facility. Providers can be onsite or accessed virtually as an onsite medical assistant performs diagnostics with an AI-driven multifunctional device.

Finally, we offer a clinic-from-home option, perfect for families with children.

Our AI-enabled multi-functional device serves as an all-in-one stethoscope, otoscope, camera, and thermometer. The device can be operated by a parent on a child or an adult on themselves. Results can be communicated virtually in real-time or later to the provider. No need for taking a trip to urgent care or taking time off work.

Show Your Employees You Care

At Verve Health, we know most Indiana manufacturers care about their employees. You depend on them to get work done. Employees are the blood that gives your business life.

With Verve, you can do the following: 

  • Ensure employees have access to quality, affordable, and convenient primary care 
  • Build loyalty by letting employees know your manufacturing company has their back
  • Increase productivity and cut down on work lost to sick leave

With our direct primary care model, create a healthcare system with benefits your Indiana manufacturing employees will actually use and appreciate – without causing undue financial stress on your business.

Getting Started with Our Membership

Do you want to start giving affordable and accessible healthcare benefits to your Indiana manufacturing employees and get access to business-only membership benefits?

Book a discovery call with our staff today to explore the membership options available to you.

Our team is ready to discuss how direct primary care can help your Indiana manufacturing business. 
Contact us today to get started.

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