What are handheld medical devices?

What are Handheld Medical Devices? DPC Made Convenient from Home

What are Handheld Medical Devices? DPC Made Convenient from Home

At Verve, we don’t just provide direct primary care at our onsite care facilities. Did you know that we also provide virtual and telehealth services for those who may have difficulty traveling to our clinics?

These virtual services are made possible through handheld medical devices. But exactly what are handheld medical devices? They are our AI-enabled, multi-functional technological wonders complete with integrated cameras, otoscopes, stethoscopes, and thermometers. Keep reading to learn about all their benefits!

Convenient and Easy to Use

We created our clinic-from-home model with families with children in mind. Our handheld medical devices are easy to use and operate.

The clinic-from-home model is ideal for situations in which you cannot access our physical office or need to follow up with your primary care provider outside your regular checkup times.

Results can be communicated virtually in real-time or later to the provider, meaning that there’s no need for a trip to urgent care or to take time off work. This is critical for patients who live in rural areas or who have difficulty getting to a physical office.

Cost Effective

You can save money by conducting routine matters through our clinic-from-home services. What our handheld medical devices do is record diagnostics such as images, videos, heart sounds and temperature, all without having to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider or be referred to a specialist.

One-on-One Direct Primary Care

At its heart, direct primary care is about the practitioner-patient relationship. You deserve to work with a medical provider who understands your struggles, develops a personalized care plan that works for you, and spends quality time with you.

Other providers are simply too busy to provide one-on-one care, and this leads to generalized diagnoses and inaccurate treatments.

Verve Health, however, prioritizes personalized healthcare that promotes provider access and harnesses data and diagnostics, made possible through our convenient virtual services and what our handheld medical devices can do for you. 

In short, our approach to health works because we put you at the center of your health.

With our clinic-from-home services, you’ll get unlimited virtual visits with a direct primary care provider who truly cares about helping you reach your wellness goals.

The Challenges of Traditional Healthcare for Employers

Employers face the challenge of providing health benefits that provide real value to their employees. 

You might offer a traditional health plan, but the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance mean employees would rather go without annual checkups and preventative care. 

In an ideal world, employees use and appreciate their health benefits – and these health benefits don’t cause undue financial stress on the business.

That’s why Verve Health is transforming healthcare by offering direct primary care memberships to employers. Memberships offer convenient, no-cost primary care access for employees, including clinic-from-home service and handheld medical devices. What small employers can offer are competitive and often better benefits than what larger firms with traditional plans can give.

Here are three reasons why you should consider direct primary care memberships for your business: 

  • They enhance your ability to recruit and retain talent in this challenging labor markt
  • They ensure employees have access to quality, affordable, and convenient primary care
  • They build loyalty by letting employees know your company has their back
  • They increase productivity and cut down on work time lost to sick leave through our clinic-from-home service

The Answer for Employers

Our clinic-from-home service is just one of the many benefits we provide for employers and their workers. By working with us, you also get business-only membership benefits, community clinic access, and pop-up clinics at pre-arranged times at your business facility for specific needs.

Our clinic-from-home option saves time and money for both you and your employee as there is no need for a trip to urgent care or for taking time off work.

Additionally, results can be communicated virtually in real time or later to the provider, meaning more flexibility and convenience for both you and your employees.

Verve Health: Affordable Healthcare Your Employees Will Actually Use

High healthcare costs shouldn’t keep your business from serving employees and customers. At Verve Health, we know most business owners care about their employees. You depend on them to get work done. Employees are the blood that gives your business life.

We’ve seen business owners struggle as they can’t scale operations or pay competitively because of healthcare costs. Competitors swoop in and poach excellent employees. Whole communities suffer when hard-working people can’t provide quality healthcare to their families. Businesses may shutter or not grow, further putting community viability at risk.

You – and your employees – deserve healthcare that is affordable, convenient, and accessible. You can get all that through Verve’s clinic-from-home model, which utilizes handheld medical devices for effectiveness.

Sold on What Our Handheld Medical Devices Provide? Get Started with Our Membership 

Now that you know what handheld medical devices are and how they can help you, check out our direct primary care model! DPC is the way to go if you want to provide competitive benefit packages for your employees, invest in growth and opportunities, and reduce sick leave and increase productivity through what our handheld medical devices can provide.
Are you ready to get started on affordable, personalized, and convenient healthcare for your business? Book a discovery call with our staff to explore the best membership plan for you today.

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