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Specialist Direct Primary Care Referrals from Your DPC Provider

The Benefits of Getting a Specialist Direct Primary Care Referral from Your DPC Provider

Having a direct primary care provider is like having your own personal doctor just around the corner who really cares about your health.

With easy access to your provider through text and virtual appointments, along with quality one-on-one appointments and care, it’s easy to see why more and more people are opting for DPC providers instead of sticking to more traditional healthcare routes.

But did you also know that your direct primary care provider can make referrals to quality specialists if you have more serious conditions they cannot treat themselves? Keep reading to learn when you may need a direct primary care referral.

How the Verve DPC Model Works

In the DPC model, patients pay a monthly fee directly to their primary care practice for comprehensive, unlimited access to preventive and primary care services. The fee is paid on a subscription basis, i.e., a membership, with no deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance to deal with.

You get same-day/next-day appointments, precision health diagnostics, and a functional approach to medicine, all on your terms.

But sometimes, direct primary care providers don’t have the expertise or equipment to treat more serious issues. In this case, they’ll need to give you a direct primary care referral to a specialist or even a hospital.

The Benefits of Getting a Direct Primary Care Referral from Your DPC Provider

  1. Better Doctor-Patient Relationship

With DPC, you get direct access to your provider. This includes full 30-minute appointments where your doctor sits down with you and gets a comprehensive overview of your medical history.

Fee-for-service doctors are overworked and typically lack the time to determine the root cause of chronic issues. If you suffer from fatigue, indigestion, headaches, pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms, then you might not have had much luck getting answers from traditional primary care. 

DPC prioritizes getting to the root cause of your symptoms. It pinpoints where an individual is on the health-disease continuum so that you can receive the care that’s right for you. And it ensures that you’ll receive a high-quality direct primary care referral to a specialist or hospital where you can get more advanced treatment should you need it.

  1. Regular Checkups

Because regular checkups are included in a DPC membership, this means that your provider will be able to catch potentially long-term, serious issues early on. This not only reduces the cost of hospital and ER bills down the road, but it saves your health because your issues don’t go neglected. These regular check-ups will also help your provider know sooner rather than later whether you need a direct primary care referral to another specialist.

  1. Continuity of Care

Not only can your DPC provider accurately assess what specialist you might need to see, but they take an active role in the additional care you receive. Because they have a comprehensive knowledge of your medical history, they can provide thorough information to specialists. And they walk through the process beside you the whole time, so you can trust their heart behind their direct primary care referrals.

Verve Provides All This and More

At Verve, we take your health seriously. While traditional providers focus on symptom management so that they can see the next patient as quickly as possible, we take the time to address root causes and empower you to take control of your own health.

You get top-quality access to our providers with full 30-minute appointments, plus virtual access. If additional direct primary care referrals are needed, we prioritize your health by coordinating your care and ensuring that you receive the best follow-up care. And we’re often able to reduce the cost of specialist referrals as a result.

Get Started on Transforming Your Health Today

Imagine leaving your doctor’s office feeling confident and hopeful, with clear answers to your questions. Imagine receiving a top-notch treatment plan that solves the root cause of your symptoms. Imagine having medical billing that is upfront and predictable, allowing you to budget for your annual needs.

This can be your reality at Verve Health today. 

Book a discovery call with our staff to explore our different membership options for every need and situation, whether for businesses or families.

Our team at Verve firmly believes that you deserve to feel confident when you visit your healthcare provider. Our mission is to ​​bring economic hope and revival to families through quality direct access to healthcare providers. And now you know that if you need more specialized care that we cannot provide for you, we won’t hold you back: we’ll offer any direct primary care referrals you need to improve your health.

Contact our team today to get started.

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