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How Direct Primary Care Provide Health Benefits for Midsize Business Employees

SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) account for a surprising 99.9% of all businesses in the United States. They’re also responsible for creating two out of every three new jobs.

With statistics like that, it’s safe to say that SMBs are the backbone of the US economy.

But while the rise of SMBs continues to explode across the country, they face many unique challenges, including providing accessible, quality health benefits for employees at their midsize businesses.

The Health Benefit Challenges Midsize Businesses Face

SMBs face many challenges, one of the biggest ones being less financing. 

Owning a business can be a constant tightrope between managing expenses and retaining great talent. To provide customers with the best service, you need to hire the best people. But to attract the best people, you need high-quality health benefits.

But when it comes to health insurance, employers face the challenge of providing health benefits that provide real value to their employees. You might offer a traditional health plan, but the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance mean employees would rather go without annual checkups and preventative care. 

In an ideal world, your employees use and appreciate their health benefits – and these health benefits don’t cause undue financial stress on the business.

How can you compete with larger competitors who can offer richer health plans? How can your midsize business provide health benefits for employees without absorbing the astronomical cost?

Direct Primary Care is the Answer

The answer lies with direct primary care. At Verve Health, we’re on a mission to create better health benefits for midsize business employees. We give midsize business owners a solution to lower healthcare costs by 10–15%, or even 20–30% when integrated with an innovative health plan. 

Employees want better healthcare and lower medical costs. They also want better pay and opportunities. With Verve, you can provide both.

Why Is DPC Better for Midsize Businesses?

Direct primary care offers a variety of benefits for your mid-size business.

For example, it does the following:

  • Allows midsize employers to provide competitive benefit packages compared to large corporations
  • Helps businesses to invest in growth and opportunities by attracting the best employees
  • Ensures employees have access to quality, affordable, and convenient primary care
  • Reduces sick leave and increases productivity in employees
  • Builds loyalty by letting employees know their company has their back

The Benefits of DPC for Midsize Employees

Many midsize business employers needing health benefits are adding direct primary care memberships to their benefits packages.

With Verve, your employees get the following:

  • Convenient, unlimited primary care access for individuals and their families
  • Personalized care with the annual exam, care plans, and health coaching
  • Precision diagnostics to quantify health risks and disease progress
  • Functional approach to identify root causes, not just symptoms
  • Same/next-day appointments with minimal wait time
  • Virtual and in-office provider access
  • Referrals to high-value specialists, imaging, and therapy
  • Chronic disease prevention and reversal

Additional Perks Just for You

At Verve, we want to make sure that you’ll be able to offer your employees so much more than individual primary care membership. We work directly with you to deliver great health benefits for your midsize business employees.

  1. Community Clinic Access

Depending on your location, your employees will have access to a community-centered clinic. They can schedule same/next-day appointments for primary and immediate care. Our trained staff can provide common treatments and procedures alongside health coaching. A limited formulary of common generic prescriptions can be picked up at the clinic at the same time.

  1. Pop-up Clinics

Verve Health can offer convenient pop-up clinics at pre-arranged times at your business facility for specific needs. Employees can have blood drawn before a physical and perform other types of assessments without having to leave the facility. 

Providers can be onsite or accessed virtually as an onsite medical assistant performs diagnostics with an AI-driven multifunctional device.

  1. New Clinic-from-home Feature

This innovation is ideal for families with children. Our AI-enabled multi-functional device serves as an all-in-one stethoscope, otoscope, camera, and thermometer. The device can be operated by a parent on a child or an adult on themselves. 

Results can be communicated virtually in real-time or later to the provider. No need for a trip to urgent care or time off work.

The Unique Advantage SMBs Have Compared with Large Corporations

SMBs possess a unique position in the economy, straddling the middle between small businesses and large corporations.

With your mid-size business, you have the funding available to offer great health benefits to your employees.

But your team is also small enough to be able to foster positive team culture and reduce costs.

As a result, you as an employer can offer competitive and often better health benefits for your midsize business employees than larger firms with traditional plans can – all while building loyalty by letting your employees know you care about them.

Get Started with Our Membership

At Verve, we believe that high healthcare costs shouldn’t keep your business from serving employees and customers.

Whole communities suffer when hard-working people can’t provide quality healthcare to their families. Businesses may shutter or not grow, further putting community viability at risk.

We’re here to provide a better option for health benefits for midsize business employees. One that revives health and restores economic hope to our communities, so we can begin to see incredible changes in our neighborhoods and workplaces.

Do you want to be part of this mission to create better healthcare for your employees and their families?

Book a discovery call with our staff today to explore the membership options available to you, including exclusive business-only health benefits for midsize business employees and employers. We can discuss how you want to incorporate DPC into your existing traditional health plan or create a new approach.
Our team is ready to discuss how our DPC options can help your midsize business thrive. Contact us today to get started.

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