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Do Part-Time Employees Get Health Benefits in Indiana? How Verve Health Can Help

Do Part-Time Employees Get Health Benefits in Indiana? How Verve Health Can Help

Are you a part-time employee in Indiana unsure about health benefits that are available to you?

According to the Indiana State Personnel Department, part-time, intermittent, and temporary employees who work thirty or more hours per week over a twelve-month period are eligible for health benefits. However, if part-time employees work fewer than thirty hours per week over a twelve-month period, they are not eligible for health benefits.

Also, it’s important to note that Indiana employment laws require only companies with fifty or more full-time employees to offer health insurance. If a company employs fewer than fifty full-time employees, they may choose whether to offer health insurance or not.

In 2021 only half of the Indiana population was insured by their employers, and over five percent were completely uninsured.

Verve Health: The Confident Option for Part-Time Employees

At Verve Health, we have you covered. If you’re concerned about your lack of health benefits as a part-time employee in Indiana, we can offer you an affordable yet high-value alternative to traditional healthcare that will ease your worries.

Through our direct primary care model, you get convenient access to a primary care practitioner, unlimited visits, comprehensive preventative care, health coaching, virtual consultations, affordable referrals, discounted labs and medications, and a personalized approach to health.

You can get all this without the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance of traditional healthcare. Instead, you pay a monthly membership fee that allows you to confidently plan your health insurance budget as a part-time employee in Indiana with few unexpected fees or charges.

The Affordable Option for Employers

If you’re an employer, you know that owning a business is a constant tightrope between managing expenses and retaining great talent. To provide customers with the best service, you need to hire the best people. Health benefits often sit at the center of this conversation.

How can you compete with larger competitors who can offer richer health plans?

The answer lies with direct primary care from Verve Health. We’re on a mission to give business owners a solution to lower healthcare costs by 10–15 percent, or 20–30 percent when integrated with an innovative health plan. 

Employees want better healthcare and lower medical costs. So, to retain the best and happiest employees, you can provide for both full-time and part-time Indiana employees’ health benefits with Verve.

Why Include Direct Primary Care Memberships with Your Benefit Packages?

  1. Business-only Membership Benefits

When you sign up with Verve Health, you’ll be able to offer so much more than individual direct primary care membership. We work directly with your company to make your full-time and part-time Indiana employees’ health benefits and insurance as convenient as possible.

  1. Community Clinic Access

Depending on your location, your employees will have access to a community-centered clinic. They can schedule same/next-day appointments for primary and immediate care. 

Our trained staff can provide common treatments and procedures alongside health coaching. A limited formulary of common generic prescriptions can be picked up at the clinic at the same time. 

  1. Pop-up Clinics

Verve Health can offer convenient pop-up clinics at pre-arranged times at your business facility for specific needs. Full-time and part-time Indiana employees needing health benefits can have blood drawn before a physical, and they can undergo other types of assessments without having to leave the facility. Providers can be onsite or accessed virtually as an onsite medical assistant performs diagnostics with an AI-driven multifunctional device.

  1. Clinic from Home

This innovation is ideal for families with children. Our AI-enabled multi-functional device serves as an all-in-one stethoscope, otoscope, camera, and thermometer. The device can be operated by a parent on a child or an adult on themselves. Results can be communicated virtually in real time or later to the provider. 

No need for a trip to urgent care or time off work.

A Smart Alternative to Traditional Healthcare for Employers

As an employer, you face the challenge of providing valuable health benefits for full-time and part-time employees in Indiana. You might offer a traditional health plan, but the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance mean employees would rather go without annual checkups and preventative care. 

What you want is for your employees to use and appreciate their health benefits – and for these health benefits to not cause undue financial stress on the business.

That’s why Verve Health is transforming healthcare by offering direct primary care memberships to employers. Our memberships offer convenient, no-cost primary care access for employees. Small employers can offer competitive and often better benefits than larger firms can with traditional plans.

Getting Started with Our Membership

If you’re a full-time or part-time employee in Indiana looking for health benefit alternatives, send this information to your employer so they can learn more about what direct primary care services we offer. Or, if you’re an employer yourself, reach out to us.

You can even book a discovery call with our staff to explore the best membership plan for you.

We can’t wait to help ensure part-time Indiana employees have access to quality, affordable, and convenient primary care.

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