We’re here to inspire health revival and truly transform your health and wellbeing.

your body is unique. Your DNA is different from everyone else on the planet. Your genetics express themselves in ways that give you your unique personality and attributes.

We believe in personalized wellness. We also believe in a strong practitioner-patient relationship, not just because knowing your provider makes you feel heard and appreciated, but because a strong relationship leads to better outcomes. When we get to know how your body works (or isn’t working), we can create personalized health plans just for you.

Our direct primary care services are excellent for anyone looking for quality, affordable healthcare. But we’re especially effective with individuals with chronic illnesses and “mystery diseases” that have gone untreated by traditional providers.

We look forward to getting to know you. Set up a discovery call with the Verve Health team.

Wellness that Reaches Beyond Primary Care

It’s one thing for a practitioner to recommend weight loss or stress management. It’s another thing for a practitioner or health coach to create a personalized care plan and follow up with you on a regular basis.

How would your health improve if your practitioner made the effort to follow up with you consistently?

Verve Health members see incredible advances in their overall wellness because we go above and beyond what people expect from primary care. An annual exam is just the beginning of your health journey. When our team meets with you, we will take the time to listen to you, check your symptoms, and test for underlying conditions.

This process leads to a comprehensive wellness plan that’s personalized to your unique biology. This wellness plan will aim at true healing, not just a regimen of prescription drugs or unnecessary procedures. Because we will understand your current health so well, we can figure out how to unlock the body’s innate healing powers so that you feel better as naturally as possible.

Wellness Powered by Data and Diagnostics

All of our personalized wellness plans are powered by advanced diagnostics and screenings. We cut no corners when it comes to testing. Before we create your treatment plan, we need to know as much as possible about what’s going on with your health.

Verve Health has gone the extra mile to partner with Dr. Tom Lewis and his team of MIT and Harvard researchers. This ace team has developed an evidence-based AI algorithm to analyze root causes and treatments to reverse disease, not just manage it. The program’s predictive analytics can also identify individuals who will have a “sudden” costly event despite being historically low cost.

Not only can we determine the root cause of your symptoms, but we can also screen you for potential diseases and prevent full-blown cases from developing.

Our precision diagnostics include two core assessments and additional testing to drill down:

  • Chronic Disease Assessment (CDA): This is a health & risk evaluation survey. The CDA will identify risks that you may not be aware of and define how to resolve them.
  • Chronic Disease Temperature (CDT): Based on 55 biomarkers, the CDT uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to assess your chronic state of health and health risks. Every biomarker is mapped to specific disease progression and the likelihood of early mortality.
  • Bloodwork: Blood can tell us a lot about how the body is performing. In addition to the CDT panel, some cases involve drilling down further to identify root causes with specialized panels. We will be able to catch if you have immune issues, low iron, hormone fluctuations, and many other conditions.
  • Nutrition Levels and Gut Health: Finally, we want to make sure your body is absorbing the right levels of nutrients. Through diet surveys and bloodwork, we can see if you’re absorbing micronutrients and eating the right types and amounts of food.

Personalized Wellness Gets You Feeling Better Quicker

The benefits of personalized care are obvious

Our team is here to support you on your health journey. Whether you’re coming into our clinic for regular screening or you have a specific chronic condition you’d like to reverse, our practitioners are going to give you the personalized care you deserve. 

  • Feel like a valued member of the Verve Health Community
  • Achieve your health goals faster
  • Discover long-term healing

If you’d like to join hundreds of other members who have been transformed by Verve Health’s incredible personalized wellness programs, then schedule a discovery call today. Learn more about our memberships and how direct primary care can benefit your health.

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