Advanced Primary Care in White County, IN

Verve Health is transforming rural
healthcare in Indiana.

With direct primary care, you and your family can access the care you need. From annual check-ups to chronic disease reversal, we’re here for you.
Advanced primary care is affordable, too. We know that healthcare costs can add up when you’re not near a city, which is why our services are available for a flat, monthly membership fee that helps you budget for the unexpected.

Are you a business in White County? We offer attractive employer sponsored memberships so that your employees and their families can access the care they need. Click here to learn more.

Get Better Healthcare with Advanced Primary Care

You shouldn’t be frustrated with your primary care options. You deserve to see a practitioner who listens and treats you with respect.

At White County Advanced Primary Care, you’ll be astounded at just how convenient and effective our system can be. See all the benefits of direct primary care.

Direct primary care members have access to their provider especially if a same/next day appointment is needed. Our patient panel is typically a third of a traditional provider’s to ensure we give you the time and resources for personalized care.

We allow unlimited office visits, meaning patients can have as many visits as needed without any additional charges. Patients can see us for acute issues, preventive care, or to discuss any health concerns or questions they may have. This model helps to encourage preventative care, as patients can seek medical attention before a condition worsens.

We focus on prevention and wellness, offering services such as regular check-ups, health screenings, and lifestyle and behavioral coaching. By identifying and addressing potential health issues early on, our providers can help patients avoid more serious and expensive health problems down the road.

For patients with health risks and chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, we offer coaching and chronic disease reversal programs. This can include regular check-ins, medication and supplement protocols, and lifestyle and behavioral coaching programs to help patients become healthier.

We offer telehealth services, allowing patients to connect with their provider virtually. This is critical for patients who live in rural areas or who have difficulty getting to a physical office.

If a patient needs to see a specialist, we can help coordinate their care and ensure that they receive the best follow-up care. We make referrals to high-quality/value specialists.

We have agreements with labs and pharmacies to offer discounted rates on labs, medications, and supplements, resulting in significant savings for patients. 

We have smaller patient panels, so we can offer a more personalized approach to care. We get to know you on a deeper level and work with you to develop personalized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and goals. We want you to feel like a valued member of our health community. Because you are.

By Working Outside Insurance, We Make Care More Convenient and Affordable

Direct primary care is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering a refreshing alternative to the traditional insurance-based model. By eliminating the need for insurance, Verve Health clinics can provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality care to patients. Without the burden of dealing with insurance companies, we can focus solely on their patients’ well-being, fostering a strong provider-patient relationship built on trust and personalized attention. 

By cutting out the middleman of insurance, DPC clinics can offer transparent pricing to employers and residents of White County through a flat monthly membership fee. This simplicity and transparency reduce administrative costs and overhead expenses, allowing DPC clinics to offer more affordable care while enhancing quality care. 

Ultimately, our clinic empowers you to take control of your healthcare, promoting a more patient-centered approach that is accessible, affordable, and tailored to individual needs.

Meet our Advanced Primary Care Provider, Janet Allbaugh, Family Nurse Practitioner

Janet is an experienced family nurse practitioner who has treated all ages, from newborns to seniors. She takes an integrative approach to health and incorporates both traditional and naturopathic medicine. 

Janet partners with patients to form care plans to achieve personalized health goals. She listens to patients to understand their health issues and takes the time to identify and treat root causes of illness. Nutrition, healthy behaviors, and supplements make up the pillars of her healthcare model, which support natural healing with minimal side effects.

Janet comes from a direct primary care practice in Flora, where she practiced in a manner consistent with our model. She holds BSN and MSN degrees with honors from Indiana Wesleyan. She will practice under the guidance of Dr. Ken Maynard, our medical director. Janet and her family are native to this area and reside in Delphi. They enjoy hiking and camping. Janet is a lifelong learner and stays current with new health information and practices.

She looks forward to caring for all of you in the community!

Direct Primary Care for Businesses

Looking to offer your employees local access to convenient and personalized primary care? Partner with Verve Health Advanced Primary Care today.

By partnering with us, employers can offer their workforce direct access to primary care services without the complexities and limitations of traditional insurance plans. Give your team members access to convenient services such as unlimited same-day appointments, focus on preventive care, and labs and medications near cost. It’s affordable for you and also shows your people that you support the good work they do.

By embracing direct primary care, employers can provide their employees with a valuable healthcare solution that prioritizes their well-being while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs for both the employer and employees.

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Clinic Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Members call 574-727-2239 to make an appointment. Clinic email is

Our Location:

710 W Fisher St Monticello, IN 47960

Verve Health Advanced Primary Care / White County is welcoming both employer sponsored and consumer memberships. ( Verve Health has partnered with Nexus Health Connect, a direct care membership benefits agency, to bring Verve APC to you, your family, and community.

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