The Verve Story

Bringing health and economic revival to families, employers and communities.

verve Health is on a mission to revive health and restore economic hope for communities

75% of Americans feel anxious about the rising healthcare costs. 100 million Americans have medical debt. Many avoid going to the doctor because the system is just too costly, complex and frustrating. Families are struggling to make ends meet. Everyday working people aren’t getting the preventative care they need.

This is a problem.

One that Verve Health is ready to solve.

Our business story began with a few simple questions.
Why do we pay for inflated premiums and deductibles while our employer also struggles to pay the majority of the healthcare cost?
Why do we spend more time in the waiting room than we spend with the provider themselves?
Why do we trade control over our health for a medley of prescription drugs?

The simple answer is,

“We shouldn’t have to do any of these things.”

There has to be a better approach to healthcare.

verve’s Solution – Quality, Affordable, and Personalized Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care gives you incredible benefits compared to traditional providers. At its heart, direct primary care is all about the provider-patient relationship. You should be able to work with someone who knows your unique situation and works with you on a personalized wellness plan. Feel free to text or call your care provider anytime you need to – it’s just part of the direct primary care advantage.

When people feel confident they can receive primary care that works and doesn’t cost a fortune, then we start to see our communities thrive.

We tailor care plans to your unique health needs.

We don’t rely on costly insurance, which helps us keep costs down.

We offer precision diagnostics, giving you a clear picture of your health.

We work with individuals, families, and businesses because we all need quality healthcare.

But Verve Health isn’t just your ordinary direct primary care practice. We do things differently in order to provide patients with the best care and experience.

At the end of the day, our team is passionate about reviving health and restoring economic hope to communities. When we reduce financial stress and give people control of their health journeys, we begin to see incredible changes in our neighborhoods and workplaces.

About Our Founder – Gerry Erb

Gerry brings an entrepreneurial history of innovation and challenging the status quo. Our healthcare system costs 2-3 times other developed countries, yet delivers the lowest health outcomes. Change will not come from traditional, entrenched healthcare players. But rather innovators like Verve that partner with families, employers, communities, and other innovators to take the bold steps to restore health and financial wellbeing.

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