Verve Boy



What We Do

Our population health, primary-care-focused model and integrative approach engages individuals and empowers them to take control of their health and well-being. The result is a more productive and energetic workforce, one that leads to economic benefits for employers and members alike.

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and chronic conditions account for 75% of rapidly growing healthcare costs. These costs are unsustainable for both employers and individuals. The country’s fee-for-service system drives utilization of costly specialty and diagnostic procedures and drugs. While necessary, this approach tackles symptoms as they arrive. At Verve Health, we use an integrated, preventative process that shapes well being before symptoms occur and can even prevent symptoms altogether.

Our scalable and integrated wellness and onsite/near-site health center solution is unique in its ability to manage the health of an entire employer population, both locally and remotely across the country.

We specialize in a variety of industries.

  • - Foreign Markets
  • - Manufacturing
  • - Transportation
  • - Higher Education
  • - Municipalities
  • - Utility Providers




Integrative Real Health

An innovative approach to the industry

We are your next generation health and wellness partner. We inspire and empower people to take control of their health and well-being; leading them to more productive and enjoyable lives.

At the core of our health centers and wellness programs, we utilize a focus on population health and an integrative medical approach. Our health centers and programs feature holistic primary care, advocacy and care coordination.