Effective weight loss programs can transform corporate culture, but keeping the program on the path to success can be a challenge. WellPower is the answer to that challenge. Our program is focused on realistic methods and is managed by accredited health experts. WellPower brings the power to change a company’s health for the better.

top 5 reasons to choose wellpower

Better health means a healthier company.

Transforming employees towards better health can transform a company by increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism and medical costs.

The focus is on your company.

We come to you to make the process easier and more convenient for all participants.

We recognize that everyone is different.

Our customized meal plans and calorie goals are based on individual metabolism (BMR) readings to help everyone succeed.

We make things simple.

We emphasize real everyday foods and strive for healthy, realistic weight loss.

Our experts are on your side.

Classes are conducted by registered dietitians, ACE and GladdMD certified health coaches, certified group fitness instructors and registered nurses.

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