Commercial drivers are one of the unhealthiest workforce populations in the United States and represent a 97% turnover rate in the industry. Reducing your turnover by just one driver can increase your annual revenue by $2,000,000! These drivers want to be healthier and work for a company that values their health and strives to keep them safe on the road.

Verve Health is uniquely qualified to serve the healthcare needs of the trucking industry. We’ve proven our innovative program through an ongoing successful partnership with a major commercial trucking company.

Our onsite health centers and wellness programs provide:

  • Access to convenient primary care
  • DOT physicals and occupational health services
  • Weight loss and smoking cessation programs that work
  • Chronic condition management

We also engage drivers on the road via telehealth to address their individual healthcare needs.

See how our solution is making an impact in your industry: 
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