Medication Management

We help drive down the medication costs of your most expensive, highest-risk employees.

Medication Cost-Savings Made Simple


For most organizations, 20% of your employees account for 80% of your healthcare costs. Verve leverages your claims data to identify employees with chronic conditions, most likely to benefit from our Medication Management program. We then invite your employees to learn more about the program through customized engagement strategies.


Our team schedules a one-on-one meeting with each qualifying employee to gather additional information and explore potential cost-saving solutions within our patient assistance program.


At the heart of our comprehensive Medication Management and patient assistance program is the blending of our proprietary software solution, powered by professional pharmacist expertise. We don’t simply help save money—pharmacist interventions have been proven to increase medication adherence by at least 30% and limit drug interactions.

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Healthy Employees, healthy business.

Lifestyle Improvement

-Reduce the stress of expensive prescription medications

-Help employees take control of their medications and their health

-Manage chronic illnesses through wellness & lifestyle changes

Pharmacy Expertise

-Identify savings in prescription and over-the-counter medication

-Flag potential negative drug interactions

-Improve medication adherence

Cost Savings Are Only The Beginning

-Healthy employees are more engaged and productive

-Quality of life improvements for employees at work and home

-Better patient outcomes with bottom-line benefits

Here are the facts…

Of Americans have a chronic disease

 costs the US healthcare system And Employers From Diabetes Alone

Cost of lost productivity on the job due to heart disease

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You’re Spending A Substantial Amount on your Employees Medications.

The financial burden of medication costs can hinder both employers and employees. Our cost-savings solution will allow you to put money back in your pocket.

 You Notice an Increase in Absenteeism

Absenteeism can be caused by unforeseen hospital and doctors visits due to negative interactions of multiple medications. Our drug interaction checker can give employees a roadmap for their physicians.

You Want To Make a Difference in your Employees Lives

By using our service, you are saying you put the well-being of your employees first. Chronic illnesses can be stressful and your employees shouldn’t have to worry about how they are going to afford medications they need.

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So what all is involved?

Our comprehensive medication management program has various components that make it a unique program.

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Cost Savings Program

Our cost savings program is just one part of the mechanism that helps your employees take control of their medications.

Pharmacy Intervention

Pharmicist interventions have been proven to increase medication adherence and limit drug interactions. 

Drug Interaction Checker

Our pharmacy team will review the medications your employee is on and deliver a report that states which ones could have a negative interaction with each other.

Chronic Disease Management

We have a team of health professionals that can help your employees manage their chronic illnesses through wellness and lifestyle changes. 

Advantages to Employers

Savvy employers realize that healthcare costs are likely to continue to rise. As growing self-insured organizations look to continue to innovate, minimizing healthcare risk and rising costs is one of the fastest ways to deliver bottom-line savings.

Helping plan participants better manage their healthcare and the corresponding costs to chronic conditions creates healthier, happier, more engaged employees. Contact Verve Health to see if Medication Management is a fit for your organization.

Benefits to Brokers

Paired with your innovative benefit plans and expertise, Verve Health is an unfair advantage for dynamic brokers to deliver even more value to their most challenging clients, delivering savings to organizations with high populations with chronic conditions.

Verve leverages claim data to identify plan participants most likely to benefit from our cutting-edge program. We then connect with employees one-on-one to develop plans for managing their chronic conditions through medication savings, wellness coaching, and lifestyle changes.

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