Lifestyle support programs

We aspire to be your partner in creating a positive work culture and environment with healthy employees. We advocate the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and meet each individual where they are on their personal journey toward real health.
From onsite health screenings, to our targeted lifestyle support programs such as tobacco cessation and weight loss, we focus on the health and vitality of individuals, not just their illness or symptoms.
We provide members with effective tools and work with them to live the healthiest life possible. Our supportive team becomes your allies, teachers and mentors. Improving your health is more than our job; it’s our passion!

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Our programs and services


We offer seamless delivery of onsite biometric screening services focusing on a high quality experience for your employees. Verve performs thousands of biometric screenings every year, delivering valuable information to your employees about their health and aggregate level health information to employers about the health and wellness of their team.


Mental health evaluation and care is just as important as the physical health of your employees. Our mental health screening services educate and empower employees and direct them to high quality resources allowing them to take the right steps towards good mental health.


Our employee engagement assessment tool eliminates guesswork about employee engagement and satisfaction with confidential, data-driven surveys that are based on scientific measurements of engagement. We are able to break down insight by department, team, tenure, manager, generation, and location. Once you know what problems exist, we help you get to the heart of the bigger issue and develop strategies that make a difference for your team.


According to the CDC, 15% of your employee population has diabetes. Employees with diabetes cost employers many thousands of dollars more in health care expenses than employees without diabetes. We attack this problem through a high quality and targeted diabetes disease management program developed by Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dietitians.


Verve onsite and telephonic coaches work with individuals to help them improve their health and then maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes establishing SMART goals and monitoring systems. The coach generally works one on one with clients and patients, utilizing motivational interview techniques to establish accountability and ensure successful goal attainment.


With our corporate virtual fitness solution you can offer a range of fun, challenging workouts to your employees so they can enjoy a workout or fitness session anywhere or anytime, whether they’re at your on-site gym, working remotely or on the go. This solution is great for employers with one or more office locations, or with a team that works from home.


Verve clinical and wellness programs are driven by data. We Identify, Target, Intervene, and Measure to deliver the right interventions to the right people in the right way. Strategy is driven and success achieved and proven utilizing our proprietary data analytic solution.

InBody 570 Weight Management

The Verve weight loss program, developed by our team of nutrition and fitness experts, utilizes cutting edge technology and body composition assessment to drive real, and sustainable weight change in the employee populations we serve.

Customizable healthcare

Our worksite health centers provide a wide range of medical, wellness and advocacy services that can be customized to the desired scope and employee and dependent population. When your needs change, our services change alongside them. Each of our services can be customized or adapted to accommodate every aspect of your company and employees, including:


family practice practitioners for physicals, acute care, wellness, condition management and health education


work related illnesses and injuries and safety and regulatory compliance


first fill dispensing, clinic refill and mail order options


convenient onsite tests and fast electronic results


education and behavioral counseling to address health risks, weight, stress and medical conditions


therapy to accelerate return-to-work and injury prevention programs


referral management for optimal health and economic outcomes, health education and benefits counseling.


primary care and wellness provider access for remote populations

Comprehensive Online Wellness Portal

The Verve Health online portal is designed to provide workplace wellness solutions that empower employees live their healthiest lives. Our complete and compliant wellness platform guides participants to care for their health by providing the motivation, education, and tools they need to be successful. The user friendly platform offers all components necessary for participant success as well as robust reporting and dashboard access to aggregate, real time and, location specific participant data.

Flu Shots

On-site flu clinics are a cost effective way to make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for your employees. Your company will face less risk of spreading interoffice flu, save on employee sick days and absenteeism. Vaccinated employees typically have:

fewer health

18%-45% fewer
lost workdays

18%-28% fewer
work days with reduced