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an effective tobacco cessation program

iQuit strives to help all tobacco users, regardless of their initial level of motivation, to organically increase their desire and commitment to quit over a 12 session program. With the help of certified tobacco cessation facilitators and supportive classmates, participants will develop discipline, strengthen goal-setting skills and broaden their self-awareness. They will discover the best tobacco quit plan unique to their personality, values and level of tobacco dependency.

Tobacco use contributes to an extensive list of serious diseases, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, multiple cancers, emphysema, and bronchitis; and second-hand smoke contributes to pediatric illness.

do you need a tobacco cessation program?

To provide education, accountability, support and motivation to tobacco-using participants no matter their initial level of motivation.

To instill self-efficacy and improve self-awareness, allowing tobacco users to select their most effective quit plan.

Improve the motivation level of every tobacco user who participates and naturally help them through each stage of change.

Provide stronger self-awareness allowing each individual to decide what quit plan is best. This increases their chances of letting go of tobacco for good!

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