Onsite Wellness Coordinator

Atlanta, IN

Join a team and make an impact

Health Coaching Wellness Coordinator will schedule and perform face-to-face and/or telephonic coaching sessions for all team members and/or spouses.

  • All coaching sessions will be noted, tracked and reported on by the Wellness Coordinator. The ideal candidate should have coaching experience including motivational interviewing, be able to guide clients through positive lifestyle changes and reinforce healthy choices. They should have an innovative growth mindset and an ability to adapt to and drive change.
  • Must have an outgoing, warm personality and have excellent listening and communication skills. A strong degree of empathy is a must.
  • The candidate must have strong time management and organizational skills.
  • The coach must be a self starter who can collaborate with a team of professionals.
  • Candidate will spend majority of time at client site, with regular visits collaborative visits with corporate team at home office. Some travel is required.

Health Screenings

  • Work with Client Account manager to Coordinate, communicate, promote and implement Verve Health’s onsite biometric screenings.
  • Interpret biometric testing and provide high risk follow up within 48 hours
  • Increase participation each year through communication and engagement strategies.
  • Communicate health plan incentive eligibility
  • Track compliance for incentive based on eligibility requirements. Communicate changes in plan rates to HR.
  • Provide regular testing for team members concerned with proper management of elevated measurements
  • Provide non-scheduled screenings (weight, body composition, blood pressure) as needed
  • Provide onsite screenings for new employees as needed

Health Education Awareness

  • Assist employees with finding in-network primary care physician
  • Develop and implement monthly health communications and activities
  • National health awareness observances and coordinate optional screenings for employees (ie. PSA, skin cancer, etc.)
  • Educational booths, bulletin board flyers, cafeteria table tents
  • Coordinate educational seminars on high risk targeted topics (lunch & learns, guest speakers)
  • Implement on-site health action campaigns targeted to high risk topics (weight management, stress management, nutritional awareness, dimensions of wellness, pedometer program)
  • Conduct onsite group educational classes (smoking cessation, diabetes, weight management).
  • Work with HR to organize annual health fairs.

Wellness Program Integration

  • Integrate and maintain wellness “brand” into current and future program materials.
  • Assist with developing goals and objectives for Client’s wellness initiatives.
  • Participate in wellness related committees and activities onsite to increase visibility of the wellness program.


  • Analyze data collected from health risk assessments, screening and medical and pharmacy claims data.
  • Provide and review with client comprehensive monthly objectives report on participation, programs and outcomes
  • Wellness Coordinator will also provide weekly reports to Client Account Manager, with information in regards to: Coaching Session Summary (scheduled, completed, no shows), Accomplishments, Action Items, etc.
  • Track high risk participants and provide follow up
  • Prioritize programs and interventions based on reported data that will make the greatest impact on participants and Client’s cost savings over time.

Data Integration

  • Develop a strategy for targeting high risk employees including regular follow-up.
  • Utilize data to develop educational materials on condition compliance and reducing gaps in care.

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