About Us

Who we are

We are a team dedicated to improving individual health and wellbeing. It all starts with building trusting relationships between members and our primary care and wellness providers. Additionally, decades of combined experience in the health and wellness industry give us an edge in finding outstanding providers that are a great cultural fit for your organization.


Our Population Health technology helps us to identify and develop targeted outreach and programs for each member.


We inspire and motivate members to take control of their own health. The result is a more productive workforce and lower employer healthcare costs.


We focus on the causes of good health such as nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction instead of simply treating illness.

The mission of Verve Health is to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being, while reducing or managing healthcare costs for employers.

How we are different

Our worksite health model results in high member engagement and delivers superior health and economic outcomes. This model offers a wide range of wellness, healthcare and advocacy services that are customized to the employer’s needs and scalable as needs change. Verve Health’s population health technology is integral to our wellness, onsite and near site health center programs. 


An end to end solution beginning with our proprietary data analytics and ending with successful outcomes at the employee level and healthcare spend reduction to employer. Leaving no room for opportunity to go wasted.

Actionable Data

Data is used to deliver healthcare programs and services specific to the client need and opportunity for change. Some examples of the healthcare programs we utilize data to drive change include diabetes management, smoking cessation and weight management.

Gain Share Guarantee 

We put our money where our mouth is. We strive to not only meet, but exceed, metrics decided by you. We work with our clients and partners to determine goals and design a program that supports their achievement. Examples of goals/metrics include reduction of ER use and gap in care closure. If we fall short, you get your money back.

Full Transparency

We utilize our proprietary data analytics to deliver our programs. Employer, broker, and other approved vendors have full access to our reports 24/7. We make sure to provide open and constant communication.

The vision of Verve Health is to drive improved health and vitality for all.

Pioneering worksite occupational health

We pioneered worksite occupational health and urgent care with an onsite clinic at the new Indianapolis International Airport during its four-year construction project that served 3,000 workers. We emphasized prevention, risk mitigation and convenient onsite care that resulted in a safe worksite and record cost savings.

We were inspired to translate this success into employer-sponsored health with the formation of Verve Health. Verve opened its first onsite clinic in 2012 and added wellness services in 2014 with the acquisition of Spectrum Health Systems. Today, Verve Health provides a wide range of onsite, near site and virtual solutions to client locations nationwide, from small employers to our largest employing over 30,000.