Enough is Enough!

Last January, Wes was 295lbs. “I paid absolutely no attention to what or how much I ate and drank,” he said. Knowing that his company’s health screenings were coming up and noticing that he was tired all the time, not really wanting to do much, he started thinking about his weight and the possible long term effects associated with it.

Looking back at his diet, Wes remembered having three to four cups of coffee every morning with three packets of sugar in each. His breakfast was usually a fast food sausage biscuit and two hot apple pies. He always ate out for lunch and had sweet tea, which was his only other fluid besides coffee. Dinner was usually fast food or pizza. Home cooked meals involved little to no vegetables, and intentional exercise just didn’t exist in his life. Finally, he had said to himself, “Enough is enough.” He began changing his habits almost immediately after that.

The Spectrum Health System’s Wellness Coordinator at Wes’s company was involved in organizing the annual health screening Wes was anticipating and she also ended up working with Wes and coaching him in his weight loss journey throughout the coming year.

“With an employer like mine, who works hard to give us support through wellness coaches and corporate discounted gym membership fees, the only one I had to blame for my condition was myself,” says Wes. He joined a gym early last January and has been working out daily ever since.

Having a wellness professional like our Wellness Coordinator to encourage and guide a person through big lifestyle changes can make all the difference. “On-site coaching and other incentives (through the wellness programming) have also been very encouraging. It’s nice to know that there is someone here to offer assistance, advise and to share in my victories as I continue this journey to a healthier lifestyle,” says Wes.

The Coordinator and Wes met weekly for a weigh-in and a body-fat check and then once a quarter for a health coaching session. Wes now packs healthier lunches and uses his lunch hour to exercise. He started incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables. He keeps track of his calorie intake, utilizing smart phone apps to make it easy. He committed to drinking only water and has cut out all sugary drinks and snacks. He also tries to boost his metabolism by eating several small meals throughout the day instead of the two or three meals he used to have.

This year, at the annual health screening, he weighed 194lbs. “I feel better than I have in years and I don’t miss any of my old habits!” said Wes. This past Thanksgiving Wes even ran his first 5K.

Megan McLuckie
LifePath Health Coach