Why Companies are opting for Onsite Wellness Coordinators

The trend of having a wellness program in corporate environments has grown exponentially over the past few years… so much so that it is an expected part of a benefits plan.  Having health programs and biometric screenings designed and implemented by an outside company has been the main course of wellness programs, until recently.  Many companies are now opting for an on-site wellness coordinator to help with the design and implementation of health coaching, education, and programs.

Some of the benefits of choosing an on-site wellness coordinator are outlined below.

  • When contracted, an onsite coordinator helps to insure HIPAA compliance by introducing a third party who is responsible for health related actions and discussions.
  • An onsite coordinator becomes part of your culture. They are there every day to provide both group and individual direction.
  • A coordinator can impact not only physical well-being, but can also help facilitate access to other aspects of wellness such as financial, emotional and community.
  • A much higher level of accountability is present when someone is onsite.
  • Deeper levels of relationships and trust are built.
  • More immediate access to health educational resources.
  • Benefit of more customizable health events and programs designed specifically for you.
  • Scheduling for events and health screenings are done on site, minimizing confusions.

The ability to have one or more wellness coordinators provides an added benefit for clients of Spectrum Health Systems. All of our coordinators spend time together and share information about successes and challenges. This enables our clients to receive best in class programming and it gives Clients direct access to all things Spectrum, allowing their questions to be addressed immediately whether it has to do with health, nutrition, exercise, wellness, insurance, or their incentive. If you are looking to take your wellness program to the next level, an onsite coordinator would be a good option to consider.

By Carleigh Williams
Health Educator