Communicate It! Communications in the workplace.

In today’s world, communication seems like it would be an easy task. With e-mails, text messages, phone calls, flyers, public announcements, Tweets, and Facebook statuses, communicating a message can be done in mere seconds. However, ensuring successful communication is another story.

This is especially true at the workplace. Getting employees to read emails and flyers can be difficult, particularly when the communications pertain to the company’s wellness program. Successfully communicating the details of health programs, activities, or screenings to all employees can be very challenging. And trying to get employees to take a few moments from their already busy and hectic schedules to read the health announcements and participate in wellness activities is an even bigger feat.

So what steps can we, as health professionals, take to improve our communication to employees? According to Shawn Connors, President of Hope Health, there are several ways you can boost your wellness communication (1).

As an onsite wellness coordinator, it is my job to distribute health news, updates, and programs to all employees. And I have used all of the above tips to help enhance my communication skills. Making sure every wellness announcement I share with employees is creative, short, and concise helps me influence more individuals. And utilizing color, pictures, and charts makes my messages even easier to understand.

Most importantly, I make sure I am using several different mediums to communicate these messages. And this has further improved my reach. Not every employee will have access to or use email, and some employees may not read posted flyers. That is why it is vital to use multiple forms of communication. For example, I not only use e-mails, flyers, and phone calls to make a health announcement, but I also utilize word of mouth. I have had the most success spreading wellness news and updates via other employees. One easy way to accomplish this method is by utilizing your company’s wellness committee. This group of individuals is a great resource to take advantage of to spark conversations regarding health topics and to spread the word on new wellness activities. This will not only improve the wellness communication at the company, but it will also help further develop the company’s culture of health.

Truly, the success of your wellness program can heavily be determined by your communication style. Ensure you are reaching every employee by being clear, creative, and concise in every way you deliver your message.

Tina Vannatta
Onsite Wellness Coordinator